Mobile Photography 101 Workshop

By Saurabh Patwari,  Renowned Photographer from Udaipur

Our Expert mentor will help you transform your hobby into a paying photography career in just 2 hours with just your smartphone (No Expensive Gear Needed)📸✨

What are you going to learn?

Visual Storytelling

Dive into the art of conveying compelling narratives through your lens, mastering the use of composition and lighting to bring your photos to life.

Mobile Photography

Unleash the power of your smartphone camera, mastering techniques for stunning mobile photography, from composition to editing.

Macro Photography

Zoom in on the finest details of the world around you, discovering the magic of close-up shots and the techniques to capture clarity.

Composition & Grids

Learn the knack of capturing the essence of the composition and grids and enhance your observational skills to create great pictures.

Portfolio Creation Tips

Craft an exceptional portfolio to highlight your distinctive style and strengths. Our platform,, offers a hands-on approach to building your online portfolio. Gain exclusive access to our web application, enabling you to upload your finest photographs and curate a job-ready portfolio. Showcase your best work effortlessly and make a lasting impression on recruiters and prospects alike. Let your unique talent shine through this user-friendly platform, simplifying the process of creating and sharing a standout portfolio.

Who is it for?

Here is what you get at ₹199 only

Community Access (1 Year)

Get FREE access to Piclet's exclusive WhatsApp community of Photographers.

worth ₹999

Photography 101 Ebook

Get FREE Ebook consisting of all the lessons of Photography to make you a PRO Photographer.

worth ₹399

Photography 101 Workshop

Get Ticket to our 2 Hour Live Photography 101 Workshop by our expert Mr. Saurabh Patwari

worth ₹499

Photography Cheatsheet

Get FREE access to Cheatsheet of Photography which includes Photography Hacks by experts.

worth ₹99

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Meet your Instructor

Saurabh Patwari

Renowned Photographer

Saurabh Patwari is a well-known Instagrammer in Udaipur. A pioneer in drone photography and levitation photography in Udaipur, Saurabh is known for his unique and eclectic angles. He shoots portfolios, portraits, pre-wedding, landscape and so much more. A chartered accountant by fate and a photographer by passion, Saurabh Patwari is a person to look for on your Instagram. You can visit his profile on Instagram: @casaurabhpatwari

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Get Certified

Get a certificate from "PICLET" of a Mobile Photography 101 Workshop instructed by "MR. SAURABH PATWARI" once you have completed this workshop, you will get this certificate on your email! The certificate will help you in

  • Certifying your Photography Skills
  • Looking for Photography Gigs
  • Finding a Photography Job 
  • Pursuing your career in Photography


Do I need professional photography gear to attend the workshop?

No, you can participate using just your smartphone. Our expert mentor will guide you on maximizing the potential of your existing equipment, eliminating the need for expensive gear.

How long is the workshop, and what can I expect to learn in just 2 hours?

The workshop is a 2-hour session packed with valuable content. You'll gain insights into essential aspects of photography and receive practical tips to kickstart your photography journey.

Is this workshop suitable for beginners with no prior photography experience?

Absolutely! Photography 101 is tailored for all levels, including beginners. Our mentor will cover fundamental concepts to provide a solid foundation for those new to photography.

Can I access workshop materials or recordings after the live session?

No, As it is a offline workshop, participants will have to come to the venue to attend the workshop and there will no recording provided. Ebooks, Cheatsheet and Community access will be online.